The Tiger and the Autobahn!

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Ever been on the Autobahn? Ever driven a car in 1st gear? Well, these two thoughts clearly don’t mesh very well. The Autobahn in Germany is known for it high speeds and deadly crashes. This being said, driving in 1st gear on the Autobahn is probably not the best possible choice. Similarly, purchasing a full powered marketing automation system and then sending batch emails is similar to driving in 1st gear on the Autobahn.

Knowing that there are many definitions for the world of marketing automation, it is prudent at this early stage to understand all four gears and how the overdrive and reverse works in this high performance car.

Thus, let’s begin with a clear definition of what marketing automation is not.

Case in Point

During a recent series of posts on an MBA discussion thread, one MBA scholar stated that he had marketing automation because he could send an email from the CRM system.


To which, the reply was something along the lines of, “Marketing automation is not about sending an email from your CRM system. Marketing automation when done right is like driving a new BMW on the Autobahn and opening her up to all her gears. It is about understanding the entire marketing and sales funnel as illustrated in Sirius decisions model and then applying a holistic approach to the discipline. Marketing automation when fully loaded should include at a minimum:

  1. Co-Dynamic Lead Scoring
  2. Content Management
  3. Lead Definitions
  4. Personas
  5. Multi-touch Lead Nurturing
  6. Web Profiling
  7. Lead Tracking
  8. Campaign Management
  9. Call Center Programs
  10. Progressive Profiling
  11. Dashboards and Reporting
  12. Strategic and tactical KPI’s
  13. Marketing Contribution to Pipeline
  14. User Adoption Strategies
  15. User Training
  16. Segmentation
  17. Data Integrity Strategies

Many people begin their Marketing Automation journey by sending out a few batch emails and creating a landing page and think they’ve hit nirvana. However, the ability to bring all the above tactics together into a cohesive working machine within a company where politics, bureaucracy and power struggles are involved takes finesse, charisma and a seriously demented mind. At the very least, the tenacity of a tiger.

In the blogs that follow, you will meet the tiger head on as the journey into the world of marketing automation unfolds from the lens of a marketers on the client side of global marketing automation teams. Unleash the power of the tiger and let it run on the Autobahn.

Posted by Kimberly Prescott, Copyright 2012


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