Tadpole to a Frog.

A Tadpole to A Frog…Explore How Leads Evolve…

Did you know a tadpole lives in the water, has no legs and is not a fish? Although they may look like a guppy, they are not.  At this stage, a tadpole just simply doesn’t reveal the features of its grown self as a frog. Similarly, leads may come into the system looking like one thing and grow up to be something entirely different. Let’s explore this  by sharing the Life of a Lead and how it grows from a mere tadpole to a frog with four legs…truly a metamorphosis.

Marketing gets leads from many places. Some from the web. Others from Field Marketing campaigns. Still others from the call center or advertisements. Sure enough, these leads hit the system daily. These leads could already be grown frogs with four legs and acclimated to land. In other words, some leads come to us ready to hit the ground a hoppin’. Others, are like tadpoles, and simply need some time to nurture. These leads need time to grow and mature to become truly active frogs.

So, in some organizations, leads come into the system and only frogs (A and B leads) go to you the sales team. The remaining leads remain in the pond for further nurturing. We take the tadpoles and help them on their way. Sometimes we send them an email update. We might call them from time to time. In fact, we may even reach out to a specific segment of them and do a focused one-to-one nurturing campaign. Either way, that is the commitment of marketing to the sales team to move those tadpoles along their way to becoming Frogs.

Together, marketing and sales can team to develop tadpole leads into frogs. What this requires is patience and more importantly, feedback. Marketing should want feedback from sales on good leads. Marketing should want feedback on leads that just don’t work out. This helps marketing gauge what leads being sent to sales. With this, marketing can use sales help specifically with three things:

  1. Always update, convert or close leads
  2. If converted, enter in opportunity amount
  3. Close all opportunities and update the amount as necessary

So, when sales has a lead that shows up as a Frog, record it as an opportunity so marketing knows that was a good use of sales team members’ time. So help marketing help sales…let’s get those frogs a hoppin’!


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