Creating reality.

What if our world is a direct reflection of our thoughts and beliefs? How does this impact marketing automation? If we believe something, do we have the power to make a difference?

Consider that as modern marketers, we hold the keys to companies success or failure. We have the opportunity to directly impact the bottom line. To that end, our core beliefs have the ability to either set us up for success or destroy our future. Here are some lessons learned over the years…

1. How you do anything is how you do everything! This phrase as many of us know has some element of truth to it. I sat next to someone yesterday who said, “My clients don’t follow through.” If that is your belief, then, your clients will not follow through. I, for one, believe my clients are awesome and always believe they want the best for themselves and their companies. Thus, my experience of my clients is nothing short of amazing.

2. We create our reality. Don’t like what you see? Then change it. Don’t complain, condemn or criticize. Simply make some small changes inside you. For example, five years ago, I looked at my life and wasn’t so excited about the results. Today, I have more love, more prosperity, the “best” clients and all because I chose to change my mind. It is true, change your mind and you will change your world.

3. What you focus on expands. For awhile in my life, I focused on the negative. So, my life reflected that through lack, despair and frustration. Today, I have learned to focus on the good. I expect good. I know that good comes from every situation and I expect nothing less. When I do make a mistake, I admit it quickly and fix it. We are not perfect after all. Thus, my life has transformed simply by the ideas I am focusing and giving my energy to.

How does this all apply to Marketing Automation?

Well, I have been in companies and on teams where there is very low expectations. The result, very limited progress. I have been on teams and in companies where the belief of anything is possible and guess what, magic happens. I have witnessed the above first hand and in marketing automation where your head is at is critical to long-term success.

Change your mind, change your world is the truth. As modern marketers, we must first and foremost, set the stage for success. People are watching…what is it you are focused on?

To your success.


Creation vs. Marketing Automation


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