Batch and Blast No More!

Do you or someone you know still perform batch and blast approach to email marketing? This type of email marketing gets the blood pumping and leads flowing in the door, right? Well, while this appears to be true at the onset, please be aware that the long term viability of this strategy is far from exciting.

Many companies are still leveraging this batch and blast method sometimes multiple times per month or, dare I say, a week. This type of marketing does bring leads into the system, however it truly undermines the credibility of marketing to sales and impacts this relationship in a negative way. Why?

The leads that come from the batch and blast strategy are frequent, yes, but they lack the authenticity and quality that comes from a programmed approach where thoughtful content is delivered at an acceptable cadence to the right audience at the right time. When, forming a marketing outreach strategy with a thoughtful approach the quality of the leads go way up as does the way marketing is perceived by the sales department. It takes a bit more time, a lot more thought and some planning, but well-crafted content delivered at the right time, to the right audience is mission critical in this new era of marketing automation.

Remember, marketing automation does NOT give us a license to batch and blast. That ship has sailed.


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