Who’s the chef in your marketing automation kitchen?

The chef is the one who brings all the elements of the dining experience together. As seen on reality TV this can often be a painful experience. Chef’s must be concerned with the quality of the food, the preparation, the presentation and the delivery by the food servers. The hosts, the restaurant manager and all the team members either make the dining experience a memorable one, a complete catastrophe or somewhere in between.

Similarly, as marketers we must own the marketing automation execution and delivery. What does this involve? How do we do this? After exploring this theory and testing it in a global organization of over 11,000 employees with many locations across the globe, here are some recommendations.

1. OWN IT! You must own the responsibility for the relationships needed to create a holistic funnel. If you truly want to create an award winning marketing automation platform, then it is mission critical to partner up and become buddies with Sales, Sales Ops, Finance, IT, Web and anyone else you think may have a stake in this new system and the results that come out of it. You must invite yourself to meetings. You must play nicely with others. You must commit to creating a network of supporters that see your vision and understand fully what this system can do for them.

2. DELIVER. Deliver on your promises. Once these relationships are built, it is essential that the ideas presented in order to sell them on the premise that marketing automation is awesome is supported by statistical reporting that backs these claims up. Create monthly and quarterly reports that the execs can take to the bank. Start simple with a few KPI’s and then add as you move forward. If you don’t have the talent in house, find someone who can help. Leverage your networks, but don’t ever, ever make promises you can’t keep.

3. COMMUNICATE. Create vehicles for communication with each group that they can count on. Perhaps finance has a monthly meeting you can attend. Or, perhaps you create a sales newsletter to keep the front lines aware of improvements to the systems. Maybe, you create a really cool and colorful dashboard that is auto delivered to the management team’s inbox each week to show the progress of campaigns. Whatever it is, ensure you create communications that showcase your team’s work and how this system is helping the company win.

Remember, a marketing automation system is only as good as the head chef who envisioned it. Be the chef you always wanted to be and mix up a wicked brew that is sure to please!

Written by Kimberly Prescott, Author, Consultant and Marketing Automation Expert

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