Eng8ged Leadership

What is eng8ged leadership? How does it look different from ordinary leaders? Eng8ged Leadership takes ordinary leaders and makes them extraordinary. There are many great leaders in the world today. There are also many poor leaders. What makes this difference? And, how can the great leaders get better? Regardless of where you plot yourself on the leadership pendulum, one thing is certain, we can always get better. Take these eight tips and see if they might help.

You are an Eng8ged Leader if:

1. You lead by example.

2. You have deep industry knowledge in the field you are leading.

3. You hold people accountable.

4. You are not afraid of the tough conversations.

5. You will defend your team for what’s ethical and right.

6. You are willing to get your hands dirty when the going gets tough.

7. You hold an inspired vision for the team and keep them informed of it.

8. You choose to be great as an example to your team.

There are many other characteristics of what makes an En8ged Leader, but these eight seem to be the most prominent. There are many great leaders, few with all eight characteristics. Some of the great leaders that have taught me include Jack Welch, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Paul Allen and many others. Inspire others to greatness by leading from an inspired place. Never, ever think you are above learning, growing and thriving. These traits keep the mind fresh and keep us all on our toes.

Be an example. Be Eng8ged.


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