The Big 4 Digital Marketing Faux Pas

Social media and the world of digital marketing have stirred quite a buzz around what you should and should not do. A plethora of articles exist on what to do and what not to do. Today it is all about SEO, or tomorrow it’s all about Linked In and Twitter. Another day, we are told it is all about posting consistently but not too much? Ads work. Then, they don’t. Email marketing is hot, then it’s a dinosaur. Amongst all the clatter of the holidays, digital marketing has had the same sort of background noise as a Black Friday shopping event. Through it all, there are four things you really should never do regardless of the medium you choose.

Never, Ever Make these Faux Pas Your Own.

1. Post whatever is on your mind. Digital marketing is easy to post and get seen. However, frivolous posts that don’t hold meaning are about as effective as walking down the street yelling about your business. It is still important with digital marketing to get into the world of your customer and focus on posts that are meaningful to THEM, not you. What kind of information and content is important to them, not you. Did I mention focus on content that the CUSTOMER WANTS?

2. Ridiculous offers. Seriously, I see more of these on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter than I can count? Think about your clientele and ensure your offers are aligned with their buying process. Simply posting an offer on one of these great social media sites doesn’t guarantee success. Remember, marketing must still be strategic. Right offer, Right vehicle, Right Timing.

3. Slap it till it sticks…Seriously, this day and age of shoving money into SEM to see what sticks is a bygone era. Today, there are options to be much more strategic. Today, you can geo target, you can focus on industry, you can even segment by subject. Why in the world then, do I still see SEM agencies using clients’ funds with $40k a month with no segmentation? Or, worse yet, they set up SEM campaigns routing to 404 pages because nobody has thought about testing???

4. Testing is CRITICAL. Digital marketing is set up by humans. Thus, the need for testing. Test EVERYTHING. Test the flow from marketing automation system into CRM. Test the email rendering. Test the offers and ensure the clicks move the lead through to the CRM. Ensure the right campaign is on the lead. Ensure the lead gets routed to the right sales team member. Ensure if there is a download offer, it is EASY for the customer to get. I know these sound simplistic, but, go out there and try a few campaigns and you will quickly see the value of testing.

Avoid each faux pas above and you will be miles ahead of your competition. I have seen fortune 500 companies make the same mistakes above only to realize that after the fact. Take the time to set things up right and the results will be dramatic. Happy hunting.