Get your Social On!

We always hear about increasing our social networks, steering away from B2B and B2C and embracing Human 2 Human programs. But what about our social network within our own companies? How do we network with our peers, other departments and leadership to ensure our marketing automation vision of best in class gets done?

Once inside the organization, it is imperative that we grow our social networks within as we do out and about. For example, at one company I am working with I have had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the brightest minds in the industry. To do this, it means I get up from my desk in my office, move out into the organization and have one on one conversations face-to-face. Why? Why bother expending all that energy when I could just send an email?

Three reasons really.

1. Creating lasting relationships. The ability to cement in the minds of your peers and leadership ideas that can transform an organization. This ability to connect eye-to-eye cannot be done in an email.

2. Velocity of change. You can increase the velocity of change management by creating solid relationships founded upon mutual trust and respect. It doesn’t mean you will always see the same vision, however, it does mean that when the time comes for healthy debate you will be heard.

3. People still want to feel heard. Emails are great and very efficient. Heck, they work. But, never underestimate the ability to get things done in a pinch when you people you work with feel you care. Taking a little time to connect can win huge rewards in the end.

Remember, we are all still human. So whether it’s your social network online or your social network within your building, treat them how you would want to be treated and watch the transformation happen. Increase velocity. Effect Change. Be Inspired.


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