The Detective & The Marketer

Marketing has evolved. We are now one part technologist. One part creative genius. One part analyst. Oh, and by the way, one part detective. How you say?

Let’s look at one case that illustrates this point very well.

One of my telecom clients emailed me today with concerns about their system. They felt their system was failing, the emails were going to spam and the links weren’t working. Where to start? See the detective at work already. It begins with rigorous testing. We tested everything. Everything was working on our end. So then what? We can’t very easily go back to the client and say there is no problem. Of course not. So we dig deeper as would a detective on the trail of a hot case.

We reviewed the system. The API calls were in fact happening. Screen shot taken.

The emails were not going to spam in our case. Another screen shot and some teaching on why emails go to spam. Next we went to Litmus to dive into the issue further. This was seeming to be a case of mis-matched expectations.

Lastly, the links not working. This was there proprietary website that seemed to be failing. The links were PURL links with customized user id’s. These worked for some and not for others. We checked the database and it should work. Thus, there seemed to be a break in on the web site rendering the PURL. We are diving into this now with their web team, so stay tuned for more as we uncover the case of the mis-matched expectations.

See, part technologist, part creative, part analyst and part detective.


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