Do you have heart for your customer? – Social selling meets Marketing Automation

Social selling is quick becoming the ultimate buzz word. Cultivating a relationship with your would-be prospects through social media is critical in today’s business economy. Social selling is creating a whole new realm of possibility for sales reps the world over. But what happens when marketers catch on to this buzz? What if we could take social listening a step further and actually do triggered marketing from this listening?

Well, the technology is there. However, far too few companies are actuating this technology to relate to their public audiences. The reality is that even utilizing all the features and benefits of true marketing automation are only done by a handful. Most companies are lucky to have a few nurtures, webinars and some abandon cart campaigns. What if, we could bypass the hype and truly use this social listening to intersect with marketing automation strategies and create a full-circle conversation with potential clients?

Well, we can. But, it takes the right technology all talking to each other. Unfortunately, many companies are dealing with disparate systems that miss the mark. Ideally, your social media listening should trigger an automated campaign based on subject matter. Ideally, you could take a specific targeted group of listeners and drop them into a focus group that created an exchange of ideas that fuels further development of all businesses engaged.

What if, you could take the social listening and transform that into actionable steps into a funnel campaign? What if that funnel campaign could result in one-to-one communciation between the sales rep and the potential client offering such value that the client would have an allegiance unlike any other?

It is possible. It takes commitment. It takes candor. It takes complete integration of systems. It takes an excellent content strategy. It takes the right people. Ultimately, it takes a heart for the customer like never before. Do you have heart?